Why Pavers Seal Is Becoming so Important for Homeowners

The last few years have seen a surge in interest in pavers seal. We've seen this trend driven by several key factors. First, homeowners are increasingly looking to add value to their homes by installing pavers and patios. Second, we're experiencing warmer winters with less snowfall than previous generations have experienced—which means there's less moisture in the ground during the spring thaw. Last but not least, people love their new pavers so much that they want them to look great for many years instead of just one summer season!

Protecting your pavers from the sun's UV rays

The sun's UV rays can cause fading and discoloration, as well as paver cracks, spalling, and delamination. You can help protect your pavers from this damage by applying a sealer coat.

The sealer will protect the pavers from moisture penetration through its polymer coating. It also seals any voids that may have developed in your pavers after installation so that you don't have to worry about water damaging them further down the line.


Preventing damage due to freeze/thaw cycles

Freeze/thaw cycles are a huge concern for homeowners since they can cause all kinds of damage to your home and landscape. While the pavers seal is not going to prevent all freeze/thaw damage, it can definitely help reduce their effects of them on your pavers.

Pavers do not like to be wet and cold at the same time. When water freezes in between the spaces that make up your paver installation, it expands and causes cracks in the surface of your tile pattern. The freezing water also expands as it freezes, which puts pressure on each individual pebble—this pressure causes spalling (chipping off) of pieces from within the interstices between stones. Pavers seal helps prevent both these issues by sealing out moisture and protecting against future freeze/thaw cycles.

Mitigating damage from deicing chemicals

Deicing chemicals are used to remove ice, snow, and frost from various surfaces. They can leave a residue that damages pavers if it gets onto them. This is just one example of how deicing chemicals can damage your pavers. The other main types of damage they cause include:

  • staining caused by salt, which leads to algae growth;
  • rusting of metal structures; and
  • corrosion of metal roof covers. Pavers seal will protect against all these issues because it repels water, dirt, oils, and other substances that would otherwise stain or damage your pavers' surface over time. A layer of protective sealant also helps prevent any rusting from occurring on metal structures like railings as well as corrosion on metal roof covers (which may also lead to leaks).

Keeping your pavers' natural colors intact

Pavers that are not sealed can lose their natural color over time, but pavers sealed with a high-quality paver seal will stay looking like new. Pavers that are not properly sealed can also become discolored and stained due to the harsh weather conditions in New England. By keeping your pavers sealed, they will retain their natural color and keep looking great for years to come!

Pavers that have been properly sealed in New Hampshire stay protected from UV rays which cause fading and discoloration of the stone material itself. Without proper maintenance or protection from the elements, pavers won't last as long because they tend to dry out quickly when exposed directly to the hot sun during summer months without proper care being taken beforehand by homeowners beforehand so it's important for consumers in NH who have these type of issues at home (like we did) today should contact an expert before making any decisions about what type materials work best for them since there are many different types available on today's market today


Pavers seal helps improve paver life and prevents damage.

Pavers seal helps improve paver life and prevents damage. Pavers are a beautiful and durable surface, but they can become damaged by the weather over time. That's where the pavers seal comes in. Using this protective coating maintains paver life by preventing damage from deicing chemicals, freeze/thaw cycles, and more. By protecting your pavers from these damaging elements you can keep their natural colors intact for years to come!


Pavers seal is an essential part of keeping your paver flooring looking new for years to come. With fewer cracks, fewer divots, and better color consistency over time, the pavers seal helps make your home more beautiful. If you're not sure which type of sealer is best for you, contact a paver sealing company today! We at Apex Paver Sealing will help you decide which product will work best for your needs and provide installation services if needed.