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Let Us Show You the Difference Apex Paver Sealing Can Make

Apex is the perfect choice for anyone looking to protect and improve the appearance of their pavers. Our advanced sealing services and products are second to none, and our team of professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Paver Sealing Services Provided

Looking for a professional paver cleaning service? Look no further than our team! We'll come out with the best equipment to clean even the dirtiest pavers without damaging them in any way. We'll make sure all debris is gone so they look like new again!

Looking for a way to protect your pavers from the elements? Paver sealing is the perfect solution! Our professionals can seal your pavers in just one day, and they'll be protected from rain, snow, ice and dirt. So why wait? Protect your investment today!

We have a green solution that quickly removes old and failed sealer without harming your pavers! We are able to remove layers of failed sealer using our high-tech equipment with just one touch. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you restore the beauty lost.

Our sealants will protect your natural stone surfaces from water damage, oil stains and dirt buildup. We offer three different types of products that can be used on all kinds of stones without any harmful chemicals or solvents so you know that the people in your family as well as pets are safe when using ours!

Our Paver and Natural Stone Services Include:

Oil and Stain Removal

Apex Paver Sealing has been helping homeowners restore their pavers for years. Our process uses hot water and steam to remove oil, grease, dirt, grime, and other stains from your concrete surfaces without damaging the surface or leaving any residue behind.

Mold and Algae Removal

Mold and algae growth from pavers is an ugly problem that can be easily solved with the right sealing solution. The best part is, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on new pavers. With Apex Paver Sealing's affordable paver cleaning and sealing services, you can get back years of beauty.

Joint Sand Stabilization

Weeds are a common problem for homeowners. They can be unsightly and also harmful to the health of your lawn. The best way to solve this problem is by using our unique sealer that binds the joint sand in-between the brick pavers inhibiting weed growth and ant mines and helps prevent settling and movement of the pavers!

Maintenance Plans

Let us help you get your pavers back to their original beauty! With our maintenance plans, you can enjoy the best paver cleaning and sealing services in your area while saving money on labor costs. Our experienced technicians will work with you to create a custom plan that fits into your busy schedule and budget.

Contractor Training

Apex Paver Sealing is the leading paver sealing contractor training program in North America. We've helped thousands of contractors improve their business and grow their profit margins by teaching them seal pavers like the pros. Our proprietary methods have been proven time and again!

Specialty Sealing Services

Decorative concrete is a beautiful addition to any home, but it's not always easy to maintain. It's important that you seal and protect these surfaces so they don't get damaged by the elements. Apex Paver Sealing offers specialty sealing services for natural stone, tinting, staining and sealing decorative concrete.

Common Questions About Sealing Pavers

Do you seal your pavers?

Sealing pavers is a must if you want to protect your investment and extend their life.

Most people don't seal their pavers because they think it's too difficult or expensive. But that doesn't have to be the case!

Apex Paver Sealing makes sealing your pavers easy and affordable. Our patented paver sealing system seals all types of concrete paving stones, bricks, and natural stone all in one day. We guarantee our products and services so you can rest assured that your investment will last for years to come.

How often do you recommend sealing them?

is a crucial step in the paver maintenance process.

A lot of people skip this important step, which can lead to major problems down the road.

We recommend sealing your paver every two to three years, depending on how much traffic they get and other factors like weather conditions. This will ensure that they stay looking great for years to come!

What would happen if I don't seal my pavers?

Sealing your pavers is one of the most important steps in your paver project. It ensures that no moisture gets trapped under the surface which can lead to cracking and damage, but it's also time consuming and expensive.

We all know that sealing a large area like a driveway or patio is essential for protecting from water damage, but who has time to do it? If you don't seal properly now, you'll be paying for it later when cracks begin appearing in your pavers.

Apex Paver Sealing offers professional grade paver sealing at an affordable price. Our process seals every square inch of your concrete so there are no spots left open for water to get through. This means less maintenance over time saving you money on repairs!

How should yourself or other professionals clean up sealant jobs that have gone wrong?

Paver sealing is a task that can be very difficult. It's hard to get the job done right and it's easy to make mistakes if you don't have the right tools or know-how.

Apex pavers, sealers, cleaners and other products are designed specifically for professional paver sealing jobs. We've seen many DIY attempts go wrong because of improper use of cheap equipment or lack of experience with this tricky job.

With our full line of products we can help you clean up your next paver sealing project so it looks perfect! We also provide tutorials on how to properly use these products in case you need some guidance before heading out on your own projects.

Can you tell if sealing has worked or not just by looking at it?

Paver sealing is a must, but how do you know if it's been done right?

The problem with paver sealing is that most people can't tell if they've sealed their pavers properly or not. A lot of times the sealer just wears off over time and leaves your pavers looking dull and dirty again. It's very frustrating to spend money on something like this only to have it wear off so quickly.

Apex Paver Sealing is the solution for this common problem. By using our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to apply the proper amount of sealant in order to give your pavers that long lasting shine you're looking for without spending too much money or having them look worn out after a short period of time. We also offer free estimates!

What do I need to know about what the product will do before I hire someone?

Paver sealing is a big job, and you want to hire the right contractor for the job.

Hiring a professional paver sealing company can be an intimidating process. Choosing the wrong one can cost thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business.

Apex Paver Sealing has been properly trained by the top manufacturers in the industry, and we have developed a reputation as being some of the best at what we do. Our experienced teams will make sure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish. We'll deliver clean results that exceed your expectations every time!

If too much material was placed by mistake, can it be removed easily?

Paver sealing is an important part of keeping your pavers looking beautiful and functional. But what happens if too much sealer was applied?

Most paver owners are afraid to remove their old sealer because they think it will be a difficult task, but the reality is that removing excess sealer from pavers can be easy with the right tools.

Apex Paver Sealing has developed the perfect process for removing excess and failed paver sealers quickly and easily so you can enjoy a fresh new look on your patio or walkway without any hassle or mess.

Have you ever seen a job where sealing went wrong and either side lost their money because the customer refused to pay for repairs?

As a contractor, you know that paver sealing is an important part of your business. You want to make sure it's done right and the customer is happy with the end result.

The problem is that most contractors don't have experience doing this type of work and they don't want to take any chances on damaging their reputation by messing up a job.

Apex Paver Sealing has developed a proven process for applying sealant that will protect your pavers from damage in all weather conditions while still maintaining the original look of your paving stones. We can also repair existing damaged pavers so they look like new again! Our team includes experienced professionals who are experts at paver sealing, as well as concrete polishing and restoration services. We do it all! Call today for more details about our processes, pricing or to schedule service for your next project!

What do you know about paver sealing?

Paver sealing is an important part of your concrete maintenance and upkeep. If you are not familiar with the process, it can be a little confusing and overwhelming to figure out what to do.

Sealing your pavers is an essential step in keeping them looking great for years to come. However, there are many different methods that can be used depending on the type of material used as well as its age. There are also several different products that may be best suited for your situation, so it's helpful to know more about paver sealers before deciding which one will work best for you and your needs.

Apex Pavers offers professional services at affordable prices when it comes time to perform paver sealing services anywhere across the country where we operate. Our experience goes back almost to the start of the paver sealing industry because our founder was originally trained by his father who started a similar business decades ago.

What is the best way to maintain your pavers over time?

Pavers are beautiful and durable, but they can also be very expensive.

The longer you wait to seal your pavers, the more damage will occur from water, dirt and oil stains. This not only makes your pavers look dirty and dull, but it can also cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

If there is one thing that we have learned about maintaining paver patios over time is that early intervention is key to preventing bigger problems down the road. Apex Paver Sealing has been a leader in sealing paver patios for years! We offer a variety of options including our best value package which includes cleaning with pressure washing equipment along with an application of our premium top coat sealer. Our team will work with you to create a custom solution based on the needs of your property so call us today at (844) 961-4529.

Is paver sealing the only option for maintaining your pavers or are there other things that you recommend that we can do to keep them looking their best?

I'm looking for a paver sealing company near me. Can you recommend someone?

Paver sealing is an important part of maintaining your patio, but there are other options that can keep them looking great without the high cost and mess associated with sealers.

Apex Paver Sealing offers a range of services to help you maintain your pavers at home or work, including cleaning and restoration, as well as concrete polishing and resealing. We use only state-of-the-art equipment that leaves no residue behind so it's safe for children and pets to play on after we're done. Our experts will be able to come out and give you a free estimate so you know exactly what needs doing before they get started on any work. Call us today (844) 961-4529!

Do you think sealer penetrates below the surface and fills in pores and joints, protecting them from- water and oxygen and makes them more resistant to stains, freezes and deicer chemicals?

You know how much damage can be caused by paver joints that are not properly sealed.

Sealing your pavers is the best way to protect them from stains, freezes and deicer chemicals. It will also help you save money on future repairs and replacement costs.

Apex Paver Sealing is a concrete, paver, and natural stone sealing company that uses products that penetrate below the surface and fills in pores and joints of your pavers, protecting them from water, oxygen, staining agents as well as freeze-thaw cycles. This helps reduce maintenance needs for years to come while improving overall appearance of your patio, pool deck, driveway, or walkway area!

How often should I reseal my patio again, or does it need to be done at all?

Sealing your patio is a great way to protect it from damage and extend the life of your investment. The question is, how often should you reseal?

If you don't seal your pavers regularly, they can become damaged by water erosion over time. This means that costly repairs are on their way if you don't take action every 2 to 3 years!

Apex Paver Sealing provides a complete paver sealing service including preparation, application and clean-up for all types of concrete surfaces including driveways, patios and pool decks. Our process will help prevent stains caused by mold or algae growth as well as keep out dirt and grime. As an added bonus we also provide anti-slip treatments for safety in high traffic areas such as stairs or entry ways! We offer free estimates so call (844) 961-4529 today!