Who is Apex Paver Sealing, LLC?

Apex is the premier contractor referral network helping contractors and pressure washers connect with their clients through digital services. Apex Paver Sealing was founded in , FL in 2021, by Scott Colletti formerly of Seal ‘n Lock System Corp., Apex has helped thousands of customers find their ideal contractor and solution for their paver sealing project. With a focus on education and transparency, our team ensures all contractors are vetted and properly trained to ensure they can complete the job successfully and exceed the customers expectations.

We are the premier paver sealer contractor referral network

We focus on educating contractors about the proper process for paver sealing and maintenance across the country. We provide upfront pricing and transparent workmanship.

We understand that misinformation and miseducation of our industry exists, which is why we provide high-quality service to all of our clients while providing premier solutions for paver sealing needs across the United States of America. We provide premier services to clients and customers with a focus on providing quality workmanship at competitive rates.

Apex Paver Sealing is a network of paver sealer contractors and pressure washers. We are the leading company in the industry with a passion for educating contractors on properly clean, seal and maintain their clients pavers and other concrete and natural stone surfaces while transforming them into an investment that will last forever.


We go above and beyond to ensure our contractors are always up-to-date with the latest news in the industry.

The efficiency of our digital platform is second-to none. It's easy, fast and convenient to find a paver sealing contractor that suits all your needs in one place with just the click or tap on screen! No more juggling between different sites – Apex Paver Sealing has you covered 24/7 from start till finish so no matter what project you are working towards we can help get it done right now.

Our mission at Apex Paver Sealing is to ensure that all contractors are vetted and properly trained so they can complete the job successfully. As one of North Americas premier paver sealer contractor referral networks, we have helped thousands find their ideal solution for sealing projects since 2021! With education being a key part of our success story from day 1 alongside transparency within this industry along with being an integral part now as well.

With Apex Paver Sealing, you can rest assured knowing that your home or property is in good hands.

To find the perfect paver sealing contractor for you, Apex Paver Sealing is here to help. We are an industry-leading group of professionals who have helped thousands of homeowners find the right paver sealer contractors with their sealant projects and want nothing more than to ensure that each customer gets only top-quality service from start until finish! To schedule an appointment or get started on finding out how we can make life easier at home by removing all those pesky weeds in front yards across America – contact us today!

You want your pavers to look great! Let us help you get started today by filling out our contact form or calling (844) 961-4529. We will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule an appointment at your convenience! If you would like more information before speaking with one of our representatives, please visit www.ApexPaveSealing.com/services where we have answered some common questions about how it works, what it costs, etc., so that you can make an informed decision while we work together on finding the perfect solution for your needs!

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Q. Is paver sealing necessary?

A. Is paver sealing necessary? Yes! Paver sealing helps to increase longevity of your paver system by preventing joint sand loss, weed growth, and settling of the pavers over time. This means that you don't have to worry about replacing your patio, driveway or pool deck anytime soon!

Q. What are the benefits to sealing pavers?

A. Sealing your pavers is an essential part of maintaining any concrete or stone surface exposed to weather conditions like rain, snow, sun exposure etc… It helps preserve the beauty of your investment by preventing water and UV damage as well as providing joint stabilization

Q. What happens when the sealant wears down after time?

A. With our revolutionary sealer products, you can protect your investment in your beautiful paver patio, pool deck or driveway by keeping them looking brand new for years with just one application every two or three years. No need to remove the old sealer, the surface just needs to be cleaned and sealed again!

Q. How can someone like myself in my area get my pavers professionally sealed?

A. With our contractor locator tool you can find a professional sealer contractor in your area to help protect your investment. We even provide you with a free quote!

Q. Is paver sealing something that can be done by yourself or do you need an expert?

A. A professional paver sealing contractor will make sure that your paver patio, driveway or pool deck stays clean and bright for years to come with our complete line of sealers designed specifically for concrete surfaces like yours. We use only the highest quality products on all of our jobs so you can rest assured knowing that your investment is protected from damage caused by water, oil, salt and other harmful substances found in everyday life.

Q. Can the cheapest option available to seal pavers always be the best option for your needs?

A. The answer depends on a lot of factors, including how much time and money you have available. If you're in a hurry or on a tight budget, then the most expensive option might not be for you. But if quality is important to you, then it's worth spending more time and money up front so that your pavers will last longer and look better over time.