Paver Sealer Companies: Solve Your Paver Sealer Problems

If you have a paver problem, we can help. Apex has many years of experience in dealing with problems. We understand what it takes to get the job done right and we can provide both residential and commercial solutions for all types of pavers including and concrete slabs. Let the paver sealer companies solve your paver problems.

Your paver sealer is cracking up

There are a number of reasons why your paver sealer is cracking up.

  • It could be due to the incorrect application of the product, poor quality of , or even because you have used a poor-quality sealer.
  • The type of paver sealer you choose will also determine whether it fails or not. Some types are meant for use on small-sized pavers while others are best suited for large ones. If this is not taken into account, then cracks and peeling can occur quite easily.

Your paver sealer has a milky/cloudy appearance

If your paver sealer has a milky or cloudy appearance, it's likely that moisture is getting through the sealer and into the concrete. This is another sign that your current sealer isn't doing its job. It's important to replace this sealer as soon as possible so you can protect your pavers from further damage.

If you've noticed any of these signs in your pavers, it's time to call a paver sealer companies and help you get new paver sealers that will keep them looking beautiful for years to come!


Your paver sealer has become very slippery

If your paver sealer has become very slippery, it's likely that one of these problems has occurred:

  • The sealer is old and needs to be replaced.
  • The sealer was applied incorrectly.
  • The sealer was applied too thickly or in the wrong conditions (for example, it rained shortly after application).

Your paver sealer does not adhere to the pavers

When your paver sealer is not adhering to the pavers, it can be due to a few different reasons. You may have applied too much of the sealer and saturated the pavers with it; this will result in a milky/cloudy appearance. If you have not applied enough of your paver sealer, then this could lead to cracks in between the pavers that become difficult to .

It is important that you apply just enough product so that all of your pavers are covered but not so much that they are soaked with them.


You don't want to do the job yourself

If you're like most people, you don't have the time to do a paver sealer job yourself. You have a full-time job and other commitments. You might not even know do it. If you've tried doing this in the past and had poor results, it can be both frustrating and embarrassing.

When you sealer company (paver sealer companies), that's exactly what they will be—professionals! They know all about applying and maintaining your pavers for years of beautiful use without having to worry about replacing them every few years because they've been damaged by harsh elements like rainwater runoff from storms or other weather conditions that cause cracks in tile surfaces during winter months (which leads us into…).

If there are cracks in your pavement now—and there probably are if it's old enough–these professionals will show up with all kinds of tools that make quick work of fixing those problems before sealing up everything again so water doesn't get underneath those tiles where it shouldn't go at all (and neither should anyone else but us humans who live here).


Apex Paver Sealing knows about Paver Sealer

Apex Paver Sealing is one of the top paver sealer companies in Florida. We have an excellent reputation and provide a wide variety of to our clients. Apex Paver Sealing has been in business for many years, so we know all about pavers and how they work.


We hope we have shed some light on how paver sealer companies will help you fix your paver sealing issues. There are a lot of paver sealer companies that offer this type of service. But Apex Paver Sealing, our experience shows in our workmanship and customer service. Give us a call today at 844-961-4529 or visit our website for more information!