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paver-maintenanceBrick pavers are a beautiful addition to any home. They add value and character, but they require regular maintenance in order to look their best. If you don’t maintain your brick paver walkway or patio, it will begin to lose its color and beauty over time.  When brick pavers are installed in a paver walkway or patio, the joints are filled with sand. When the paver surface is maintained properly with pressure washing on a regular basis, and the loose sand replaced in the joints, this maintains the paver integrity over time. 

If you fail to maintain your paver walkway or patio, the paver sand will eventually wash away. Without paver sand, brick paver surfaces are likely to become damaged or lift up over time. When brick pavers are lifted out of their surrounding paver bed, it’s very difficult to get them back into position.

In order to make sure that pavers are properly maintained, paver owners can purchase brick paver maintenance packages from paver cleaning and sealing companies. These brick paver maintenance packages come with an organized series of steps paver cleaning and sealing companies follow in order to keep your pavers looking attractive for years. 

Our paver maintenance packages are designed to help you do just that. We offer a variety of services, including cleaning, sealing and repairs, which will make sure your pavers stay in top condition for years to come. Plus, our team is always available for questions you might have about your pavers.

What does a paver maintenance plan include?


A brick paver maintenance plan will include proper paver cleaning procedures, paver sealant application, paver edging replacement, paver joint sand filling, and other related brick paver care steps. Staying on top of the necessary paver maintenance steps is the only way paver owners can ensure that their brick pavers will continue to look as nice as possible.

The good news is that maintaining your brick paver walkway or patio doesn’t have to be difficult at all! All you need is the right equipment and some elbow grease – we can help with both of those things! We offer high-quality power washing services for brick pavers and natural stone using the correct tools like softwashing and/or flat surface cleaners so we can do the job right!

With our natural stone and paver maintenance plans, you can ensure that your pavers or natural stone looks great for years to come. It’s an easy way to save money on expensive repairs down the line while also protecting the value of your home or business property. Plus, it only takes one visit from us on a regular schedule! That means less time spent worrying about how well-maintained your outdoor space is and more time enjoying it yourself with friends and family all year round!

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