Why Every Pool Owner Should Care About Pool Coping Sealer

coping is a vital part of the pool deck. It helps prevent water from getting under your paver stones, prevents chemical and cleaning solutions from seeping into the ground, blocks UV damage, makes cleaning easier, and seals in color pigments. If you're concerned about how long your paver stones will last and want to keep them looking great for years to come, consider choosing a that's designed specifically for your type of decking material.

Preventing Water From Getting Under Paver Stones

One of the most important things to protect your pavers from is water. Water can get under pavers and cause structural damage, and algae growth, and make the pool deck look dirty and worn. When you use a pool coping sealer, you will be able to prevent these undesirable conditions from occurring.

  • Structural Damage – The main reason why it's so important to protect your pavers from water is that it can cause structural damage to them over time if left unprotected for too long. Water gets trapped underneath them and causes the paver stone material itself to expand which causes cracks in the surface of your pavers which then lead to bigger problems down the road such as crumbling pieces falling off or even having whole sections come off completely! This could mean that rather than just one section needing replacement (which would have been bad enough), now instead there's an entire area that either need repairing or replacing entirely depending on what has happened.”

Protecting From Chemicals and Cleaning Solutions

Protecting your pool deck from chemicals and cleaning solutions is important. If you have a sealer that's compatible with your pool, it will protect the deck.

When choosing a sealer, make sure to read the label carefully to ensure that the sealer is safe for use around your pool. Most commonly used products are made for pools and spas, so there's no reason to worry about compatibility issues (unless you're dealing with something like an oil-based stain).

Blocking UV Damage

UV damage is a common problem for paver pool owners. The sun's rays cause your stone pavers to crack and break, making them look old and worn down. UV damage can also lead to stains that are difficult to remove.

If you want your pool coping stones to look their best for years to come, then sealing them with a water-tight pool coping sealer is the best way of doing so. Pool coping sealer will protect them from exposure by creating a barrier between the sun rays and your beautiful paver stones by adding an extra layer of protection.


Makes Cleaning Easier

A pool coping sealer is a great way to maintain your pool deck. It helps prevent dirt and algae buildup, which makes it easier for you to clean the pool deck. As you can imagine, this results in less time spent cleaning and more time enjoying your pool!

Seals in Color Pigments

Pool coping sealer with pigments helps prevent color fading. Pool coping sealers without pigments do not protect from fading, so they should be avoided.

When you are choosing a pool coping sealer, make sure that it states that it contains colorants or pigments. These types of products will help prevent your from getting dull over time.


A pool coping sealer helps extend the life of your pool deck.

A pool coping sealer is an important part of any maintenance routine. It helps prevent water from getting under the paver stones and protects them from chemicals, cleaning solutions, UV damage, and color pigments. A pool coping sealer also makes cleaning easier by sealing in dirt so it doesn't leave stains on your deck or make the pavers slippery when they're wet.

The best way to know if you need to re-seal your coping is by using a simple test: after filling up your pool with clean water (and making sure there are no leaves or debris floating around), take a look at where the water meets up with the edge of your pool decking. If there's any discoloration in this area, then yes—your coping needs some tender love and care!



I hope this article has given you the information needed to make an informed decision about whether or not a pool coping sealer is right for your needs. We know that it can seem overwhelming at first, but once you get into the groove of things it's just like riding a bike! For more detailed information on any of these topics or topics like sealing driveways, be sure to check out Apex Paver sealing or contact us directly so we can answer any questions you may have.