How to Paver Restore in 7 Easy Steps

Pavers can be beautiful, durable, and -effective. However, over time they can become cracked or worn out by natural elements such as rain and sun exposure. The good news is that you can do paver restore with a few simple steps. Here's how:

Step 1. Power wash or sweep your pavers

Before you begin “paver restore”, you'll want to power wash or sweep your pavers. If you have a power washer, use it to remove any loose debris and dirt from your pavers. If not, grab a broom and go over every inch of the pavers with it. This will remove any remaining loose dirt and that may be clinging to your pavers (you don't want this left on the surface of your finished product).

Once you've swept away all of these particles, it's time for step two!


Step 2. Fill your cracks with a filler (optional)

Now, you can fill your cracks with a filler. If you have small cracks, this step is optional. To do so:

  • Use a paver crack filler that is designed for pavers and not .
  • Make sure the filler has flexible properties so it will move with the pavers.
  • Get one that has UV and water resistance built in (you don't want to have to reapply it every year).

Step 3. Add a paver sealer

Paver will protect your pavers and keep them looking great for years to come. It will also help with color retention, which means that the true colors of your pavers will stay vibrant and bright over time. can also add a high level of water resistance to your paver installation, making it easier to maintain a clean surface year-round.


Step 4. Let it dry and cure

After you've applied your sealant, you should let it dry and cure. Different sealants have different curing times, so make sure to check the instructions on your specific product. Some may take several days to fully dry and cure, while others might only require a few hours.

However long it takes, once the sealant has cured properly, you can walk on it safely—but that's not all! There's more work to be done yet!

Step 5. Apply an enhancer to make your pavers shine

The next step in your “paver restore project” is to apply an enhancer to make your pavers shine. Enhancers are a good choice for because they can be used on new and old pavers, making them ideal for both commercial and residential properties. They're also easy to apply and non-toxic, making them environmentally friendly as well.

Enhancers come in a variety of types: liquid or paste, oil-based or water-based, clear or tinted (for natural stone), two-part systems that require mixing before application, and more. Choosing which one you'll use is based on personal preference and the condition of your pavers; if you have dull surfaces but few chips or cracks then using an enhancer will help restore their appearance without much trouble at all!


Step 6. Give the enhancer time to dry and cure

The enhancer will dry in about 24 hours and cure in about 7 days. This makes it easier to sweep up the dust and sand.

Step 7. Sweep up any remaining dust and sand, then enjoy the view!

Now you're ready to take a look at your pavers and enjoy the view. If you have some leftover dust and sand, sweep them up now before they settle into the cracks of your pavers.

Apex Paver Sealing will help you restore your pavers

If you are looking for an easy way to do your “paver restore” project, Apex Paver Sealing is the right solution. We have provided all the steps necessary to complete this project with ease.

First, we recommend you test a small section of your patio or walkway before moving forward with the entire project. This will ensure you are getting the results that you want and avoid unnecessary frustration later on in case there is some difficulty in applying the sealer correctly.

Next, we recommend purchasing a high-quality sealer.


If you want to do “paver restore” and make them look new, hire Apex Paver Sealing.