Best Paver Sealer Remover: Remove Sealing Without Destroying Your Pavers

Removing old sealers from your pavers is a crucial part of maintaining your patio. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know remove the old sealant correctly or which product is the best paver . This guide will help you understand why it's important to remove the old sealer and how to hire the right professional contractor for the job.

What is a Paver Sealer Remover?

Pavers are a great addition to your outdoor space, but you may not be happy about the sealer that was applied when the pavers were installed. You can soak up the dirt and stains by pressure washing, or you can remove the old sealer entirely with the best remover. Best is a solution that dissolves the old sealer so it can be removed from between your pavers. Once you've soaked up all of the water from your saturated pavers, use a paver sealer remover to dissolve any remaining residue and clear away any discoloration on stone surfaces before sealing again.

While there are several options for removing old sealers from stone surfaces (like pressure washing), they may damage or permanently stain surrounding areas like patios and sidewalks in some cases. Furthermore, these methods require hours upon hours of work over days' worth of time spent outdoors working in wet conditions during summertime heat waves—not exactly ideal conditions!

Why do You Need to Remove the Old Paver Sealers?

Paver sealer is applied to pavers in order to protect them from damage. Without it, you'll get paver stains and cracks that can make your patio less attractive.

However, over time the sealer will become worn down and need to be removed before applying a new layer of sealer. This can be done using a paver sealer remover product designed for this particular purpose. Once the old sealer has been removed, you'll find that new layers of sealer adhere well to the existing surface and last longer than if they were applied directly on top of an old layer of sealer remaining on your pavers.


A paver sealer remover helps clear away the old sealers so you can apply new ones

You're probably familiar with pavers. They are the perfect addition to any patio or , and they last a lifetime. You may have also noticed that they can be difficult to seal properly because of their porous nature; this is why it's important to use a paver sealer remover before you apply the actual sealer itself.


Hire a professional to remove old sealant and seal your pavers

If you are looking to have a professional remove the old sealant, it's important to know what kind of product you have on your pavers. If it is an oil-based sealer and has been in place for more than one year, it will be almost impossible to get off without damaging the surface. This is where hiring a professional comes into play because they have the tools and experience needed to properly remove old sealants without damaging them.

When hiring someone to install new sealant on your pavers, there are several things you need to consider before making your decision:

  • Is this person licensed? Many states require all contractors working in their state or counties to be licensed with their local government and carry insurance coverage for liability purposes. You should ask any contractor if they are licensed first before signing any contracts or paying them any money upfront (unless stated otherwise).


I hope this article has helped you to find the best paver sealer remover. If not, please feel free to contact Apex Paver Sealing and we will be happy to assist you with your needs today!